Take your road

'Take your road and travel along'

The advent of the modern black painter in Africa

Published to accompany an exhibition presented by Michael Stevenson, Michael Graham-Stewart and Johans Borman, 'Take your road and travel along' pairs South African artists including Gerard Sekoto, George Pemba and Ernest Mancoba with their contemporaries from other parts of Africa, such as Ben Enwonwu from Nigeria and Sam Ntiro from Tanzania. It also includes the work of the next generation - artists associated with the Zaria Art Society and Oshogbo workshops in Nigeria, the Polly Street Art Centre in Johannesburg, Frank McEwen's workshops at the National Gallery in Harare and the initiatives of Pancho Guedes in Maputo. The essay and commentary on the works are by Michael Stevenson and Joost Bosland.

2008 | Hardcover, 144 pages | ISBN 978-0-620-40582-9 | Price: R250 | Out of print/unavailable)
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