<b>Cian-Yu Bai</b>

Cian-Yu Bai

This booklet accompanies Cian-Yu Bai's first solo exhibition, The Breath in the Mind, at Stevenson Cape Town. The works in this exhibition were created over the course of two months spent by the artist in residency in Cape Town; the booklet also includes reproductions of selected works from the past couple of years. In an accompanying text, Noëlle de Haan introduces the Amsterdam-based artist, writing:

Characteristic of Bai’s paintings are the natural elements she merges into patterns. Butterflies, birds and trees are recurring elements across her works. When reflecting on the inspiration for this, Bai recalls, like a Surrealist, her most important childhood memory. Growing up in the countryside in Taiwan, she was surrounded by mountains. One day she turned a corner and found thousands of yellow butterflies flocking around her. She has used the mixture of emotions she experienced in that seemingly everlasting moment as a central setting for her dreamworlds.

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Published by Stevenson | August 2022
Softcover, 36 pages | Price: R100


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