my whole body changed into something else

my whole body changed into something else

This catalogue, published on the first anniversary of my whole body changed into something else, is a companion to the group exhibition held concurrently across the Cape Town and Johannesburg galleries in 2021. Following the exhibition’s framework of an inquiry into memory, being and what it means to relate to ideas, sensations and experiences within non-linear time, my whole body changed into something else is a publication introduced by a dialogue between co-curators Sisipho Ngodwana and Sinazo Chiya. They write:

As a functional tabula rasa, my whole body changed into something else asks how can something be mine? How is a fragment distinct from a whole? What is a body? What constitutes change?  Under what circumstances does a phenomenon or object become something and what identifies it from whatever else it may be? In these questions is the key to more questions still.

Installation views and images of all the works by the participating artists are punctuated by two in-depth conversations, on image-making and photography, with Rahima Gambo, Monilola Olayemi Ilupeju and Aziz Hazara, and Léonard Pongo and Ajamu X respectively.

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Published by Stevenson | Catalogue 98 | 2022
Softcover, 152 pages, limited edition of printed copies | Price: TBC


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