Your history with me

Penny Siopis

Your history with me

This still from Penny Siopis' film She Breathes Water is printed in a limited edition of 50, especially for Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend 2020.

As with Siopis' previous films, the images in She Breathes Water are drawn from the artist's ever-growing archive of 8mm and 16mm found footage. The film premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam in 2019. Siopis writes:

‘She’, the protagonist, is an octopus, a creature who started out life with us human creatures, and somehow we lost her the moment we took our terrestrial (and territorial) turn, the path that led to the destruction of the planet… Here she is offering us her ink to help us redeem ourselves and start to write a new history ‘not all about our might’.

2020 | C-print, 30 x 40cm
Edition of 50 + 5AP | Price: 300 euro unframed | 350 euro framed | Ex VAT/BTW


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