Flat Noodle Soup Talk

Pieter Hugo

Flat Noodle Soup Talk

With Flat Noodle Soup Talk, Pieter Hugo covers new ground, travelling to Beijing on a number of occasions to create a body of work that is as challenging as it is compelling. Describing his approach to the city as a movement from the outside to the innermost core, he portrays a place where history and modernity clash, resulting in great contrasts.

Hugo works across the social spectrum, photographing people young and old, family groups, newlyweds, and youths coming of age in a world flooded by the products of a booming consumer society. His subjects appear relaxed and vulnerable, willing to share themselves with his lens.

Hugo's portrait and still life images weave a melancholic narrative, revealing the fractures in the social façade of a country that has made a sudden shift from a collective society to a highly individualistic one. The vastness of the megacity and its multitudes of inhabitants only serves to highlight the sense of isolation which is palpable in Hugo’s photographs.

Published by Editions Bessard | 2016
Hardcover, 88 pages | ISBN 979-10-91406-48-2 | Unavailable

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