Rwanda 2004: Vestiges of a Genocide

Pieter Hugo

Rwanda 2004: Vestiges of a Genocide

The most recent publication from award-winning photographer Pieter Hugo bears unflinching witness to a landscape still scarred by genocide 10 years after the fact. Under Hugo's deferential gaze, it is not the visceral horrors that shock, but the lingering ephemera of everyday life that haunt the periphery.

Published for the first time in a limited edition of 500 and accompanied by a specially commissioned essay from investigative journalist Linda Melvern, Rwanda 2004: Vestiges of a Genocide offers a forensic exposition of tragedy that spares us the burden of judgment - but confronts us instead with far more frightening questions about our own humanity.

Published by oodee | 2011
Hardcover, 72 pages | ISBN 978-0-9570389-0-5 | Unavailable

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