How to Fix Your Lift

Simon Gush

How to Fix Your Lift

This small risograph-printed manual accompanies the collaborative project How to Fix a Lift by Simon Gush and Bridget Kenny, in which the machinery of the lift is observed as a resonant metaphor for labour’s role as a conduit between work, life and recreation.

Central to the project, the manual makes transparent the intricacies of the lift. Using extended descriptions, extracts from interviews from engineers and simplified diagrams, the manual functions to render visible a myriad key processes often considered peripheral to this mode of transport. As a metaphorical exercise, How to Fix a Lift brings focus to the circulation of ignored mechanical parts, foregrounding unseen economies, objects and modes of work to offer a renewed sensitivity to the cost of daily needs.

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Published by Simon Gush and Bridget Kenny | 2022
Softcover, 24 pages including covers | Unavailable

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