Simon Gush


Published on the occasion of Simon Gush's exhibition Red at the Goethe-Institut, Johannesburg, this catalogue brings together recent works by the artist that explore prevailing perceptions of work and interrogate the central role played by work in the construction of our identities. An accompanying essay is by Helena Chávez Mac Gregor, who writes: 'Always filmed in black and white, his images play with the tradition of documentary film but only to betray any purpose of instruction. The moving image is taken from cinema and brought to visual art in order to create forms of intervention, whence to respond to a politics of representation that has failed to create an image of labour able to generate affects and effects. Closer to poetry than a cinema of denunciation, Gush's works emerge from the clash of a personal reflection, always as an interruption of the image as text, and a city that forces the perusing of a critical image.'

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Published by Stevenson | Catalogue 76, April 2014
Softcover, 64 pages | Price: R180


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