2 February - 3 March 2017
Bogosi Sekhukhuni
Simunye Summit 2010
STEVENSON is pleased to present Simunye Summit 2010, Bogosi Sekhukhuni’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.
An excerpt taken from a channelled testimony by an entity known as ‘third force’:

In one of the infinite parallel worlds neighbouring the one we find ourselves in, a world we shall refer to as KWAAL WORLD, a new partnership of organisations was birthed in the land you currently know as South Africa, Johannesburg.

In the year 2010, the Johannesburg of KWAAL WORLD is decades ahead of your present reality. Advances in biological and geological subtle energy systems, as well as Bantu mathematics and philosophies, contributed to the development of high technologies that have attracted the awe of many.

In this world’s history, it is canon that Mandela died in prison in the 1980s but Steve Biko survived weeks of police torture when an escape plan was put together by a cell of time-traveling freedom fighters. The manner of his escape on the morning of September 11 1977 is still a matter of historical debate but his flight underground is widely considered an important turn in the eventual complete liberation and expulsion of the chosen people out of the Apartheid Matrix in the year 2000.

The year 1987 was one of political and galactic change in and around KWAAL WORLD. Growing factions within the liberation movement created divisions over the direction the struggle was taking. Some were dispirited from a decades-long State of Emergency by the Apartheid Matrix Overlords, while others found themselves reinvigorated by persistent visions of a better world.

KWAAL WORLD had come to the beginning of the end of a cosmic season. Electromagnetic influences from neighbouring worlds like Saturn and Venus, and the ancestral star systems of Sirius and Arcturus, transferred new information and programming deep into the heart of KWAAL WORLD. This information lay dormant for almost three years before being implanted into a generation of people born in South Africa from 1989 onwards.

Before the Apartheid Matrix ended in the year 2000, a Government of National Unity was established in the early 1990s through collaboration between a dominant faction of the ANC and Apartheid high priests who answered to the Afrikaner Overlords. It was decided that a new matrix would be installed to replace the Apartheid programming.

The new matrix was known as Rainbowcore or the Republic of South Africa, and it functioned to give the oppressed majority the illusion of socio-political, economic and spiritual freedom. The tools manifested range from audio-visual information simulations to the chemical manipulation of local atmospheric conditions.
The artist continues:
Simunye Systems – the presentation central to Simunye Summit 2010 – and one of the leading organizations in KWAAL WORLD was created by the mutual interests of the Rhodesian Heritage Trust, the New Mwenamutapa Committee, and a collective of former SADF Generals. It is a genetics research laboratory and genome testing company. 

Sekhukhuni presents videos and objects set in this parallel futuristic past, using allegory and myth as a form of instruction and introspection.

The exhibition will open on Thursday 2 February, 6-8pm.