10 April - 22 May 2021
Jane Alexander
Verity, Faith and Justice

STEVENSON is pleased to present Verity, Faith and Justice by Jane Alexander.

The artist has written:

Courtroom 21 (in the absence of Judge W)/ Courtroom 21/Title withdrawn/Verity, Faith and Justice was commissioned for the first Singapore Biennale, Belief, in 2006, by chief curator Fumio Nanjo. It was a site-specific installation in Courtroom 21 of the Singapore City Hall with particular consideration of the judiciary and colonial legacy in Singapore and South Africa, and the Dutch and British East India companies, competitors in colonial trade and economic control.
City Hall is where, on September 12, 1945, General Itagaki Seishiro surrendered to Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten. It is also where Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of the independent city-state of Singapore, proclaimed self-government in 1959, and where he declared Singapore an independent republic in 1965.
The tableau, Verity, Faith and Justice, is a part of the original installation.

The work comprises oil-painted polyester resin figures; 10 black thread-sewn gilt-edge 100 gram 1000 page blank wood-free books; 100 new red industrial-strength gloves; one ceremonial judicial robe; and one reproduction Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie flag.

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