Simunye Summit 2010

Bogosi Sekhukhuni

Simunye Summit 2010

Simunye Summit 2010 begins with Bogosi Sekhukhuni's first solo exhibition at Stevenson, then follows his work back in time, from the 2016 Kampala and Dakar biennales through his Bag Factory exhibition, Restore the Feeling (2016), to early works dating to 2013. Writing on the exhibition Simunye Summit 2010, Kabelo Malatsie addresses a letter to Rakgadi and 'those like me who find the aesthetic of the internet unrecognisable' - concluding that 'Sekhukhuni not only challenges our perception but requires us to think about our existence and how it is affected by the technologies we use. At first glance it may seem as though you need to learn internet speak; on the contrary, Rakgadi, you need to remember how non-linear time and space works, remember the folding of space in a dream ...' The catalogue concludes with a conversation between Sekhukhuni and Pamella Dlungwana that touches on his biography and earlier work.

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Published by Stevenson | Catalogue 88, March 2017
Softcover, 70 pages | Unavailable

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